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Welcome to my world.

Who Am I?

I started off, like most, not having a clue what to draw when the teacher had asked me to draw my favourite thing. What is my favourite thing? Was it sweets, pizza or cake? or was it horses, peacocks or dogs? In the end it was inevitably a “what is the girls next to me doing” moment.

After a while when the new toy or must have item came and went I started to figure out my own personality, what I liked, what I hated (peppers) and things that interested me. A simple thing like reading Alice in wonderland with my father started my interest in books which then led me to fantasy, to then nudging, coaxing then finally clipping my ear to the fact I like art, no scratch that I love art!!!

This now leads me on to my epic adventure of mis-haps and trials (actually learning a technique to drawing), of love affairs (sorry Bob Ross can’t copy you all my life) and finally taking that deep breath and allow myself to discover a passion to become obsessed, fanatical and 100% in love with what i am doing. I am taking the next level, world look out……………………… I’ve started University.

Dracula……Bad*ss or sweetheart? And why I would recommend the film (and book).

I have always loved Bram Stokers Dracula and the various movie adaptations. Usually he is portrayed as an evil undead being that wants to conquer the world (duh duh duhhhhhh). What is clear though in all the movies was that he was willing to defy death and God for his true love (aww). I have read and watched many variations of the story and have come to the conclusion that within the film a message of different strengths and friendships will help you overcome most arduous of obstacles. Plus there is Gary Oldman and Keanue Reeves what more could you want.

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